• "Dear Senator Boxer,

I just got off the phone with the nicest woman on your staff. Unfortunately, I didn't get her name! I was a litle nervous! Here's the gist: please check out the plan "Preemptive Democracy for Iraq" at the World Citizen Foundation's website, This think tank has developed an idea that might be a "third way" to deal with Saddam that would ensure democracy and freedom for the Iraqi people, with the world's blessing, and hopefully with a significantly smaller "collateral damage" body count. STEAL THE IDEA IF YOU WANT TO! I won't tell!


Michael Oosterom, Los Angeles, CA"

Michael Oosterom, Los Angeles, CA, Wed, 26 Feb 2003


  • "To all, Thank you for your work. You are addressing my biggest questions- how to say more than just "no war". Sometimes that is just as vague as "bomb them"; we need to take our stance and go deep, as to surpass more empty polarization of people's views. Thank you for vocalizing the issues on a deep level. "

Lauryn Garza, student at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA


  • “This is the light at the end of the tunnel. What can I do to help?”



  • "Why is this not being talked about in the media?"

Donald Sukola


  • “Sounds like a better solution than War”

Spencer Moss, Seattle, WA


  • “This sounds like the very best solution yet-- good thinking.”

Gerry Benton, Redwood City, CA


  • “What a logical solution... this is much better for everyone around the world. I fear the current policy will ruin the world for us... we will have no more true allies after this... with the exception of possibly Tony Blair.”

Rory Dufault, Seattle, WA


  • "This is the only viable alternative to war that i have heard. I am convinced that Saddam needs to relinquish his power and would prefer any method outside of a military operation. This idea is as good as any I have heard and represents a shift in thinking that can often create the best solutions to our problems."

Jeff Krekling, Redmond, WA


  • “I am opposed to war for any reason - US selfish oil, power, and money interests, or any other. Let us explore peaceful yet assertive alternatives.”

Vivienne Orgel, Santa Cruz, CA


  • “Please send me the email addresses of my Senators, Murry and Cantwell of WA. and Congressman Adam Smith”

Anthony Sassone


  • “We will not blindly sit back, and let you take us to war. All US citizens will hear more about Preemptive democracy, worldwide, in the next few weeks! You have lead everyone to believe the war is the "only" answer. We will see. Peace.”

Tammy Garnett, a US Citizen, Port Ludlow, WA


  • “War must be the last option, and as long as we have other alternatives, we must resist the rush to war”

Michael Davis, Author, Mega74 Productions


  • "It's easy to bop someone over the head and get immediate results but the changes are only temporary because they were forced.. Assisting people in making changes that they take to heart is the only way to have the changes last. Change not only for today but for every day that we are blessed enough to witness."

Kristina Nard, Bainbridge Island, WA


  • “Thanks for an answer to our little problem.I like your solution and intend to pass it on to as people as possible as fast as possible. It's time I got off my butt and did something. I hope it's in time... Your website needs a letter citizens can print off, sign, and send to congressmen and senators. Busy politicians probably wouldn't read them anyway but, if enough of the same ones came in, they'd recognize a vote when they see one. Or, maybe, just the barrage of jabs to their conscience would have the same effect”.

Joe McNallan, Tacoma, Wa., USA


  • "Your idea is a must. It needs to be implemented immediately because we need a legitimate government for Iraq right now. It will prevent terrorism and the probability of terrorist acts will be heavily reduced. A legitimate Iraqi government will take away the justification for terrorist acts from military occupation."

Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, specialist in counter-terrorism, former Navy Commander, co-author of" Terrorism: defensive strategies for individuals, corporations and governments"


  • "Everything I have read on your site is so eloquent and diplomatic. feel like I can send even my most conservative friends to your site because of the succinct, evenhanded arguments you make.Thanks for all of your hard work."

Zac Barton, San Francisco, CA