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Whereas global problems demand global solutions,

Whereas to be implemented successfully, these global solutions will need to be supported by the people of the world, and

Whereas such implementation requires the democratic expression of the will of the people (article 21(3) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Therefore we need global and democratic sovereign institutions to legislate, implement and adjudicate such solutions.

The people of the world shall decide the extent of the powers of these institutions and their inter-relationship with other levels of powers.

Basic design principles of world democratic institutions:

While we are aware there are various ways to build such democratic institutions, we nevertheless agree on the following set of basic design principles:
1. Ultimate political sovereignty resides in individuals
2. Collective sovereignty of the people must be expressed through direct or representative democracy
3. Rule of law
4. Solving problems at the most practicable local level (Subsidiarity Principle)
5. Institutional and procedural transparency to create and maintain trust
6. Use of peaceful means to build such institutions
7. Non-discrimination (article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

We appeal to all people of good will to make this goal and these basic principles widely known and to act within their possibilities to support them.
These principles are indivisible and should always be considered together, not separately.